Did Lil Wayne Video Predict the Aurora Dark Knight Shooting?

dark knight rises

Talk about your bad timing. Lil Wayne and Big Sean’s “My Homies Still” video came out July 17th, just three days before the Dark Knight Rises massacre that is still gripping the nation. The paranoid internet is claiming an Illuminati conspiracy that there are 12 skeletons in a movie theater during the climax of this music video. 12 is the same amount of people James Holmes murdered in Aurora, Colorado.

Upon viewing this weird and frankly bad music video, you can see there are actually more than 12 skeletons in the theater, but there’s no denying that this is still a creepy coincidence.

Like some of Wayne’s other songs, he raps about the Illuminati in the first verse, saying he “wears an eye patch over his third eye”, as well as rapping the unfortunate line “fuck ya’ll with a sick dick, semi automatic no click click”.

Ironically and the coincidences keep piling up here, one of the only tidbits about James Holmes released from the mainstream media right after the shooting was that he “was not a fan of Lil Wayne and made racially charged remarks about him.” Seriously, that was the first “eyewitness report” from people who knew a neuroscience major living 24 years on this earth.

When I go on a killing spree and the media interviews my friends, they’ll say, “he really despised that 50 Cent. Yup, that’s about all you need to know about Jared. His 50 hate defined him” And then a day before my death, a 50 Cent video will drop showing specifically how I killed people. This is certainly a ridiculous world we live in.

As Gary Oldman says to Joesph Gordon Levitt in the Dark Knight Rises, “you’re a detective now, you’re not supposed to believe in coincidences.” Maybe he was talking about Sandy Hook on the map? Or maybe he was talking about the prop master who made that map dying soon after?

So what do you think? What happened here? Lil Wayne could have just been told by his director/editor/handlers/whomever to stage this grotesque scene in a music video that is stupid from beginning to end. But until more evidence is presented, this will just have to be a strange case of bad timing.

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