MP3: Heems – “Alien Gonzalez”

Heems is the wittiest lyricist in Das Racist and he’s putting out a solo mixtape called Nehru Jackets dropping whenever the hell he feels like it. Here’s another leak from it called “Alien Gonzalez” where Heems imagines what young Cuban deportee Elien Gonzalez is up to nowadays. Listen and download below, and if you want to refresh yourself on the epic Janet Reno clusterfuck that took place in 2000, read the seizing of the kid orchestrated by over 130 INS personnel. Seriously, how has there not been an Elien Gonzalez movie yet? A TV movie exists, but they spelled his name wrong so that doesn’t count.


Attorney general Janet Reno ordered the return of Elián to his father and set a deadline of April 13, 2000, but the Miami relatives defied the order. Negotiations continued for several days as the house was surrounded by protesters as well as police. The relatives insisted on guarantees that they could live with the child for several months and retain custody, and that Elián would not be returned to Cuba. Negotiations carried on throughout the night, but Reno stated that the relatives rejected all workable solutions. A Florida family court judge revoked Lázaro’s temporary custody, clearing the way for Elián to be returned to his father’s custody. On April 20, Reno made the decision to remove Elián González from the house and instructed law enforcement officials to determine the best time to obtain the boy. After being informed of the decision, Marisleysis said to a Justice Department community relations officer, “You think we just have cameras in the house? If people try to come in, they could be hurt.”

Elián González is removed at gunpoint from his relatives’ home in Miami.
In the pre-dawn hours of April 22, pursuant to an order issued by a federal magistrate, eight SWAT-equipped agents of the Border Patrol’s elite BORTAC unit as part of an operation in which more than 130 INS personnel took part approached the house; they knocked, and identified themselves. When no one responded from within, they entered the house. Pepper-spray and mace were employed against those outside the house who attempted to interfere. Nonetheless, a stool, rocks, and bottles were thrown at the agents. In the confusion Armando Gutierrez called in Alan Diaz, of the Associated Press, to enter the house and entered a room with Elián, his great uncle’s wife Angela Lázaro, her niece, the niece’s young son, and Donato Dalrymple (one of the two men who had rescued him from the ocean). They waited in the room listening to agents searching the house. Diaz took a widely publicized photograph of a border patrol agent discovering Dalrymple and the boy hiding in a closet.

INS also stated in the days after the raid that they had identified as many as two dozen persons who were “prepared to thwart any government operation,” some of whom had concealed weapons while others had criminal records. The INS noted reported statements made by members of the Lázaro family that they were prepared to deal with any intrusion on their property by force if authorities attempted to take Elián without their consent.

“Assassins!” yelled some of the approximately 100 protesters, some of whom climbed over the barricades in an attempt to stop the agents. Within an hour of the raid, the crowd in Little Havana quickly swelled to about 300. Hundreds of outraged protesters poured out into the streets of Little Havana and demonstrated, burning garbage containers, tires, and trees. Crowds jammed a more than 10-block area of Little Havana. Police in riot gear were deployed and tear gas was used. Shortly afterwards, many Miami-Dade County businesses closed, as their owners and managers participated in a short boycott.

Public opinion about the INS raid on the Miami González’s house was widely polarized. A Time magazine issue showed a joyful photo of Elián being reunited with his father (the caption says “Papa!”), while Newsweek ran an issue that focused on the raid, entitled “Seizing Elián.” There were two major foci in the coverage: the INS raid and the family reunions.