MP3: Riff Raff, Huey Mack, Mod Sun, Mike Stud – Nightstand

huey mack

Huey Mack just dropped this collab “Nightstand” over twitter. At first I had to reread what I saw. By now I’m used to Mike Stud and Huey Mack jumping on a track together, and I can definitely see Mod Sun fitting in but the edition of Riff Raff came out of nowhere.

Riff Raff has a completely different sound and style than either of the frat rap champs, or Mr. Modern Sunshine. I gotta say this combo works, with Riff Raff dropping the hook, Mack, Stud and ModSun handling the flow, it comes out as a definite hit. The song has some of the best delivery I’ve heard from all three rappers and I’m really digging Riff’s hook. Hes been doing a lot less rapping and more “singing” lately.

The beauty of music is that it brings different people together and “Nightstand” is evidence of that power. Peep the video to see what I mean and download the single for FREE.

Watch and Download: Riff Raff, Huey Mack, Mod Sun, Mike Stud – Nightstand

Download: Huey Mack, Mod Sun, Mike Stud, Riff Raff – Nightstand