Murs & 9th Wonder – Funeral For a Killer

funeral for a killer

Halloween is over now and all the slutty cops and wenches are back to being just plain slutty.  I’m picking up the pieces of my blackout drunk evening downtown at the free Booze party I was swindled into going to and I’m officially hungover like a motherfucker. I’m never eating Moonshine cherries again… EVER. I did manage to dig up some dope shit between crouching over my laptop in the fetal position and beer bonging water to try and speed up the transition back to reality.

Murs and legendary producer 9th Wonder leaked this track “Funeral For a Killer” off their upcoming project The Final Adventure. I’m definitely looking forward to this album, hopefully it isn’t really a final adventure for either of them. “Medicate” yourself and enjoy, bitches.