Nardwaur Interviews ASAP Crew, Danny Brown, & Action Bronson At SXSW

We haven’t featured a video from our favorite interviewer in awhile, so here’s two THREE brand new videos of the impossibly chipper Nardwaur talking to the rowdy ASAP crew, Danny Brown, and Action Bronson.

ASAP Rocky and his crew are fresh off a SXSW show where they leaped into the crowd and started beating hipsters with glee. Under 24 hours, the Nardwaur vs ASAP video has gotten 100,000 views. The first few minutes is ignorant jokes, then Nardwaur amazes them with his knowledge, as he tends to do, then the last minute or two deals with Nardwaur literally freezing after the interview.

Awesome stuff. Be sure to also check out the goofy Action Bronson talk below. Bronson’s new mixtape can be download here, which I highly recommend.

UPDATE: Now Nard Dog talks to one of my current favorite hip hoppers, Sir Danny Brown about his dad, dealing drugs, why he’s missing his front teeth, and more greatness I don’t want to spoil.