New Childish Gambino On DJ SoSuperSam’s Mixtape + 2 Gambino Dubstep Remixes

We have a lot of downloads to give out so let’s get right to it. Childish Gambino‘s DJ, SoSuperSam just came out with her first mixtape This Way Up and it’s an incredibly entertaining half-hour. Download it here and stream below. I’m especially partial toward The Weeknd remix around the 20 minute mark.

This Way Up by sosupersam

Halfway through, at the 16 minute mark, Mr Donald Glover himself comes through on Hudson Mohawke’s “Twistclip Loop” and drops a few quick bars. Here’s a highlight:

Bloggers that’ll start shit
You wanna criticize me
Just so you can drink green tea
With Lykke Li at a speakeasy?
Wearin’ some American Apparel
While you’re starin’ at a Tim and Eric DVD

Ooh shots fired at Carles!

Camp is out November 15th and can’t come fast enough. If this wasn’t enough, here’s a few dubstep Gambino remixes recently created. If I heard either of these in a club, my brain would explode:

Kid Womp turns “Freaks and Geeks” into an electric banger

Emmanuel Ceballos aka Music is a Monster mixes Skrillex’s “San Diego VIP” with “Let Me Dope You”

Download more Childish Gambino remixes here.