FREE MP3: J. Cole – Killers

Roc Nation’s J. Cole has a new song out called “Killers.” It’s from a promotional mixtape for Alex Haldi’s new art event “The Glorification of Gangster.” This event examines our fascination with crime and criminal lifestyles. Haldi is a “creative mastermind” who has worked with many big names in music including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and LL Cool J.

A promotional mixtape is to be released in the next month which will include a series of original music, mash-up remixes, and classic covers by a number of different acts that are all linked thematically with ‘Crime’. The talent will vary across different musical genres (hip-hop, rap, rock, electronic, etc.), and includes music from artists like J. Cole, Kris Kasanova, Voli, Andrew Maury (Ra Ra Riot producer and RAC), Jon Connor, Elite, Ritz, Lyn Charles, Loyal Divide, Neitherfriends, and many more.

“Killers” can be downloaded here.

From Jay-Z’s Blueprint Collector’s Edition Box to Wu-Massacre’s comic book -inspired album covers, Haldi’s work is pretty great.

For obvious reasons, my favorite is his work with Rihanna.

Go to Alex Haldi’s website for more of Rihanna, and the rest of his work.