Fine, Let’s Talk About Nicki Minaj’s Ass Video


Um, well.. Nicki Minaj dropped her new video for Anaconda yesterday. It sent a myraid of mixed signals running through my head like I was being tased by Ferguson Police for being human.

I was first impressed by my desire to sex her; its never reached this level before. I mean, we’re talking level 10 “I will pop a Cialis and dick this fake-ass bitch down harder than a rubber member attached to the end of a Sawzall. I’m talkin I had to visualize dead puppies just to get up and get a drink of H20 from the water cooler. I haven’t the slightest clue how Drake sat through that flaccid. I really believe his ending motions of hands on his head in frustration were genuine. He’s probably hitting it anyways, so fuck it, great acting Drake.

Musically, its horrible, quite honestly I didn’t really expect anything different. She’s been dead to me post “The Come Up DVD” days. It’s a clear cut case of pop-hop mainstream mumbo jumbo you’ve come to expect from anything on the radio. It will probably go platinum, and your teenage daughters will be twerking like Nicki in no time. She’s effectively ruining every father’s dreams of a decent daughter, but that’s not stopping any of us from watching the video. Numerous times. Enjoy!

Peace Bitches,