Nicki Minaj is A “Stupid Hoe”


It is hard to type even a couple sentences about this track, but I will out of spite, because I’m almost speechless over how wack this shit is. Evidently the Female Weezy made an ode to herself with a track titled “Stupid Hoe”, kinda vain if you ask me. If we are being honest, which Angry Troy has inspired me to be, I think she shouldn’t be allowed to speak unless someone who’s stoned and has at least half a brain can ghost write everything that comes out. She would be a perfect candidate for the first ever silent music video then people could watch her ass for days but wouldn’t have to listen to her nails on a chalkboard lyrics.

I know you’re not looking forward to her drop of Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge but just so I don’t alienate anyone it comes out on Valentines Day 2012. I have forewarned you this song is beyond terrible but if it’s what your in to then enjoy..I guess.

Stupid Hoe by NICKI MINAJ

See isn’t it so much better when shes not rapping??