Album Stream: Nino Bless – “Illuminati Reject”

Nino Bless just sneezed all over us with his newest release “Illuminati Reject”. This dude is the future, assuming the future actually consists of some intelligent lifeforms because most of this is going to go over the average person’s head. It’s not that his schemes and concepts are on some kind of level only Stephen Hawking could understand, but this isn’t dumb out-and-sip-lean music. This is Hip Hop, this is expressionism, this is art.

Nino is probably one of the most under rated Lyricists in the game right now and with heavy hitters like Kendrick introducing lyrical Hip Hop back into the mainstream its only a matter of time before people start picking up on him. By far my favorite track on here is “Silver Bullet Proof”. It’s fucking incredible. This whole project is really solid though all the way through.

Go cop “Illuminati Reject” for free over at Enjoy Bitches!