Orfan Crew’s BeeFox & Matty Rico Bring Positive Raps to California

orfan crew

Two summers ago I started a clothing company with a couple of my buddies. One of my good friends, Alex, found an electronic group from Indiana called Kresado. He was determined and successful at getting them to play our release party. Well, 2 years later and that connection continues to strike gold. Kresado, along with fellow Indiana natives, have started an awesome collaborative effort called Orfan Crew. They include much more than music but the other day, two new videos were released from Orfan artists. Bee Fox, formally of Kresado, and Matty Rico, of Audiodax have started solo careers and are already dropping fire.

Bee Fox released “Blue Skies Over Red”, a soulful interpretation of packing up your home and taking the risk of following your dreams. The visuals were shot by the talented guys of Winky Productions and they interplay home video throughout the video.

BeeFox gives a peak into his own personal life, you get that “I miss my own bed” feeling between the strong lyrics and images. I’ve seen Fox rap, sing, and produce, the guy has the chops and talent to explore any genre so I dont expect him to stick to one.

Matty Rico is another animal. I was introduced to him when he was a part of Audiodax and now he’s taken his talents to Venice Beach. Once again the visuals were by the guys at Winky. Everything comes together perfectly; the songs mellow feel and the slow motion allowing you to concentrate on Rico’s vocals. His flow is on point and his message is clear. “Im a hungry Hoosier.” “Burn Slow” is the first video out of the Orfanage and is a prelude of what is to come. Make sure to check out both these videos and keep a pulse on the whole Orfan Crew.

Bonus: Before actually releasing these videos there was a first Orfanage video. Watch the great video below:

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