Rapsody ft. Childish Gambino & GQ – The Idea of Beautiful

The Idea of Beautiful - Rapsody ft. Childish Gambino

Young female rapper from the North Carolina, Rapsody aka Marlanna Evan dropped a new track with the likes of Childish Gambino and GQ. While most female rappers lean on techniques like strange voices, stuttering or slurring verses accompanied with brash slutty lyrics, Rapsody heads the opposite direction and really puts her soul in the track. For those of you like, who’s Rapsody… don’t even worry about it Gambino delivers more than enough for a listen with his quick wit and killer flow. Enjoy!

Gambino’s verse

Word, you ain’t heard the Pharcyde?
Burning disks for them high school car rides, like
Ooh-la-la-la, it’s over
Traded in the Fugees for my cousin’s Stankonia
He used to bone to Bone Thugs in the waterbed
Rockin’ dreads listenin’ to new Portishead
Wu-Tang to midnight marauders
Comin’ out a system while I’m chillin’ with his daughter
Fathers would freak out, “You listen to P-Funk?”
I listen to anything when she’s sportin’ them C cups
Jill Scott and Gil Scott-Heron
Was blarin’ out of the dorm of the woman that I swear I was marryin’
It’s them cold NYU winters
Laptop, brown socks, and no dinner
Drownin’ out the sound that my stomach made
Napster, nigga I got everything
Yeah, Fruity Loops lookin’ like Tetris
I want to be Pharrell so bad I got the haircut
I want to be Pharrell so bad I cut the drums out
And put my own verse on the end when it comes out
Lost my V-card to D-R-E
She liked Train so we broke up, listen to Big, grow up
Listened to J-Hova, I was a J-Hova, witness
Trying to make sense of the beautiful music