Rick Ross feat Jay Z – Movin’ Bass

So Rick Ross finally released something I can fuck with pretty heavy. “Movin Bass” is obviously pretty bass heavy but that’s not what got me. The Timbaland produced instrumental sounds like it was produced on the fucking Rosetta spacecraft while orbiting that giant comet at 80,000 miles an hour. Is that a fucking Darth Vader breathing sample in there??? 

This track is super grungy, spacey, unique and not at all what I would expect from a Rick Ross song. Maybe thats why I like it. “Movin Bass” uses a simple hook but Jay Z delivers it so yeah, that’s dope. Its kinda weird to hear Hov just do a hook but I think it works. Ive purposely neglected Ross’ catalog for a number of reasons so i cant whole heartedly say this is the best Rick Ross song ever, but its the best one I’ve heard. Enjoy Bitches.