Tech N9ne – Dysfunctional

As I was listening to Chiddy Bang Radio on Pandora, the artist Tech N9ne came on and caught my ear. Although he has been rapping since 1999, I have never heard his album Sickology 101 with the track Dysfunctional. His flow clearly reflects the name he claims for himself and has the speed that reflects many of the popular artist’s today, but his lyrics, like Childish Gambino and Chiddy Bang, are nothing like that of the mainstream group. His poetry expresses a darker side of humanity, not the shallow appearances of money, women and cars, and never does his poetry fall from coherence. Like Childish Gambino each word is fully enunciated. Anyway, the song expresses the possibilities of reactions a bad mood can have on a person, as well as the stressful afflictions pressed upon humans as a product of our environment. As the song proceeds, his words reflect his confusion as to why bad things happen, and his way to cope with a dysfunctional world. The music itself contains a rock influence with the use of real instruments. It is great! Many of his other songs tell of his struggles with his spiritual search, which is rare in this kind of rap. The listeners can hear the real struggles of a real man. Here is a taste of Tech N9ne and his bizarre hardcore: