Tesfa, The Twin – “Piff Paraphernalia”

Tesfa, the Twin is a great talent from Brooklyn who honed his craft through rigorous trial and error. The result of his hard work and creativity is a producer and emcee that I cannot wait to hear more from. In the meantime, there are singles like “Piff Paraphernalia” to listen to while I wait for more.

“Piff Paraphernalia” is a banger that has familiar samples, themes, and flows, but that also incorporates new sounds that create a unique experience. The beat does not sound like something I have heard in a while. To me, it sounds like the noises of a carnival. The different growls of the carousels, the fun-house tunes, or the themes for the games, they all seem to pop into my head when I listen to track. It is these type of dreamy, surreal sounds coupled with gritty flows that I find most appealing. If you have a similar taste, then Tesfa, the Twin might have what you are looking for.