Too Good For Podcasts: Immortal Technique on Joe Rogan + Download Immortal’s New Mixtape

Here is maybe a new feature on Too Good For Radio, if y’all are receptive enough. I listen to an ungodly amount of pop culture podcasts, so I figured I’d discuss some of my current favorites. 2G4R will soon be launching a podcast of our own, and we have a widget on the bottom right of this site featuring our listening rotation that you should download.

Today we’ll highlight the hugely popular, inspiring, and truthful Joe Rogan podcast, which boasts literally millions of listeners. I love frequent co-host Duncan Trussell, but this edition features Brian Redban instead.

Recently Immortal Technique sat down for 3 WHOLE HOURS to discuss all sorts of interesting topics. Regardless of your thoughts of Immortal as a rapper, he comes off as an extremely intelligent human being who had an interesting upbringing. Nothing is off-topic as they discuss corruption in the music industry (and everywhere else), who killed Biggie, weed legalization, Chick-Fil-A, what dog tastes like, ancient cultures, and so much more.

Fast forward to around the 12:30ish mark to bypass advertisements. The show starts with Immortal’s sick new song “Eyes In The Sky” featuring the perfect Alan Parsons sample.

Download Immortal Technique’s “The Martyr” album for free here.

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