Tyler The Creator’s New Music Video Is His Most Hilarious And Offensive Yet

“Bitch Suck Dick” is the new NSFW (of course) music video directed by Tyler the Creator himself and if this is an example of what we’re going to see on Odd Future‘s new show, they’re going to fit right in on Adult Swim. Tyler might be one of the only artists who creates and uploads his own music videos to his own site, and here’s a sampling of some of Tyler’s tweets from yesterday:

This Video Prolly Fucked Over My Chances Of Ever Working With Bieber. Fuck It.

My Mom Loves The Video, Thats Tight As Fuck

Gonna Get So Much Hate From This Video. Difference Is, They Watch Me HAVE THE FUCKING TIME OF MY LIFE…..YOUUUUUUU MMMAADDDDDDDDDD!!!

Hahaha, Old Niggas Or People Who Take Life So Serious Will Forsure Hate This Video, If They Dont Already Hate The Song BITCH SUCK DICK

BET Awards Are Tonight? Perfect. The Ending Of The Video Fits Perfectly For It. BITCH SUCK DICK

He’s right, the last minute of the video is seen on NET – Niggas Embarrassing Themselves.