Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill – “Ugly Heroes” EP

ugly heroes ep

Loyal Listeners,

After a long and uninspiring hiatus from writing anything other than fucking fire for my own personal rap conquests, I have decided to surface for the hip hop heads. For the Boom Bap kids, for the 80’s babies who grew up on raw lyricism and street shit. For the Adidas pants and the matching shell toes, rope chains, crack hustlers and shit. I surfaced for the minority of hip hop fans who actually know what hip hop was like before it was commercialized, stripped of all its substance, and violently raped with an AIDS dick.

Without further adieu, I present to you a random bandcamp GEM I found today. Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill absolutely crush this Ugly Heroes EP. Not like “Candy Crush on your iPhone” crush, i’m talking “your high school sweetheart banged your dad, in your bed, on your birthday, and tweeted about it” crushed. This album gave me hope for the game; I am thoroughly enjoying it. I know the small percentage of purists out there will agree.

As I cast this small internet light beam of rap joy for the heads, I am reminded that I should be continuing to spread the dope shit. For the artists that create it, for my own selfish joy of cussing and being vulgar on occasion, and for the people who may not have the time to go and seek out new music like I do. I am sorry for abandoning my post here, I will try and be better for you fuckers.

Peace Bitches,