Video: Cambatta – “Zeitgeist Haze”


Cambatta released his single “Zeitgeist Haze” today along with his new album Smoke n Mirrors. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the dude before 5 minutes ago but it only took 14 seconds into this song for me to hit up DatPiff and download his free mixtape. I listened to the whole tape and didn’t have to press fast forward once. AraabMuzik is ridiculous with this beat and BATTA goes hard as a motherfucker, touchin’ all kinds of ground.

Watch Cambatta’s “Zeitgeist Haze

I haven’t posted in two weeks because hip hop is sucking harder than a Dyson Ball right now. I have honestly been cruising every blog and hiphop site and I’ve seen nothing worth sharing. This dude just saved grace in one song. Enjoy bitches.