Video: Das Racist Makes TV Debut On Conan

You either love Das Racist or hate them, and last night they played their television debut of “Michael Jackson” on Conan for a million-plus clueless viewers who were new lovers or haters. Das Racist retweeted (can ‘retweet’ in the past tense be called ‘retwat’?) a few Twitter thoughts from your ordinary Joe:

@FleurTerry: Das Racist on Conan is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The worst.

@NoaHitsaJay: watching @dasracist on Conan made me not want to have kids. Their like, totally, soooo weird

@jonce17: Got first exposure to band Das Racist tonight. By exposure I mean the open-wound-exposed-to-battery-acid type of exposure #DasRacistToMyEars

@thomhoglen: Just saw Das Racist on Conan. Weirdest thing I may have ever seen. Not a good kind of weird.

@drewsonmcpeters: Das Racist is definitely one of the top 2 worst things that I have ever seen/heard in my entire life. Maybe even #1. Please stop.

Theres many more where that came from. Naturally, I was a big fan of this nonsense, which had a Michael Jackson impersonator moon-walking, church podium, self-bleeping, purposely mumbled lyrics, and many more surprises. It’s more performance art than performance. Also the white ahem, Persian chick flailing on the cymbals is Yasmine Kittles from Tearist, who starred in this amazing Eric Wareheim video.