Video: The 10 Minute “Watch The Throne” Documentary Censored By Kanye & Jay Z


You remember that rap duet album last year that we couldn’t stop talking about? The one with the 1% bragging about their riches? Well now you can watch the behind the scenes of all the exotic locals and exquisite mansions. Director Robert Lopuski was given very limited access to Kanye and Jay Z’s making of Watch The Throne. Turns out, Ye and Z would rather show you them exchanging gifts than rapping in the studio.

In an enjoyable interview with Paradigm Magazine, Director Lopuski explains:

I would say to the handlers that there were certain things that I needed to do: turn on lights, get slightly better access, possibly stage a better setup photographically.

They said ‘no, we can’t do that.’ Could I sit down? Could I put lavs on them? I know you guys are recording the album, but could I record their conversations? ‘No, you can’t do that.’ Can I set mics up in the room to record the room? ‘No.’ Do you think while I’m here, I can do sit-down interviews with them…maybe get something that I can at least use audio wise? ‘No. They don’t feel like doing interviews.’

The job was challenging professionally because you’re thrust immediately into the inner circle yet not allowed to capture the inner workings properly.

Any documentary with these two rap legends is interesting, especially when you throw Beyonce and Russell Crowe into the mix, so it’s still an entertaining albeit underwhelming video.