Wake Up Call: FLA ALL DAY – “Gunplay”

fla all day

So today was another absolutely horrific day for the American people, most importantly those in Connecticut who fell victim to yet another senseless act of violence. One would easily argue that gun control and disarming the population would be an easy solution to these random acts of violence. These events however, are not going to stop by disarming the american people.

The media and the government will spin these situations six ways from saturday to promote the idea that guns are bad and we shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Guns are the only form of protection we the American people have left against our own Government and as soon as you take that away, they will have complete control. Not to mention the only people with guns from that point on will be criminals and you will have nothing to defend yourself with!

On one hand I feel bad for using todays events to promote a new song but on the other hand I feel like todays events are a perfect reason people should hear what we have to say. The truth hurts sometimes, it cant always be rainbows and puppies. Our hearts go out to the victims and families today sincerely. I couldnt imagine losing my daughter under any circumstance, much less one like this.