Wale – “Bag Of Money” feat. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Wayne, French Montana & Black Cobain

That has to be the worst Rolling Stone cover of all-time. I didn’t think they could top the last one, which made be embarrassed to be reading it poolside. JUSTIN BEIBER. HOT. READY. LEGAL.

Anyways, Wale brings us this “Remix!!!” of the cut “Bag of Money” off Self Made Vol 2. 7 legit rappers and Omarion (way to take Omarion down a peg, jerk!) join forces to create a Maybach Music Group quasi-cypher. It’s a fun listen and much needed for us after the unsavory taste “Diced Pineapples” etc left in our mouth.