Wale & Snoop Dogg Endorse Ron Paul For President

What do Oliver Stone, Kelly Clarkson, Stephen Colbert, Joe Rogen, and Michelle Branch have in common? They are all celebrities who support Ron Paul and we both know celebrities are just more important than us normals. You can now add Wale and Snoop Dogg to the Lovers of The Constitution list.

Wale put this video up on his Youtube the other day with this message:

Ron Paul is our only hope. He’s the peoples choice. He will get our brothers who were given unfair justice out of jail. He will fix the economy. He will END ALL WARS and make AMERICA RICH AGAIN.

Search for more Ron Paul Videos on Youtube now, and try to understand his message. A true soldier and the media has gone against him. They are trying to make sure nobody will get his message by hiding him from the news companies.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg came out in support of the People’s Champ, which is sort of big news because he was very pro Obama last election season. He posted this picture on his Facebook:

Snoops is presumably in Paul’s corner due to the libertarian view on drugs and government out of lives and business. Paul, an advocate of smaller federal government, was a co-sponsor of the States’ Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, and supports the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2008.

If you’re a Floridan, today is the day to vote, but only if you are informed!