Weezy Embarasses Nicki Minaj On Her Own Track “Roman Reloaded”

roman reloaded
Nicki Minaj is at best, the biggest smoke and mirrors hollywood created bullshit rapper of the decade. Her lyrics make the likes of Lil B and Kreayshawn look like philosophical poets and I guess it’s no surprise that sex sells; I just didn’t know it sold records. But I digress and present you with Nicki’s latest track titled Roman Reloaded, where Lil Wayne proceeds to use 4 bars make her verses look like they were written by a retarded monkey. Below I have a few highlighted bits of gold spit by Barbie.

Yo! I guess I went commericial just shot a commercial when I flew to the set I didn’t fly commercial… didn’t rhyme, wasn’t a metaphor, classic Nicki

if I had a label I wouldn’t sign you hoes take all you bitches to school then Columbine you hoes… not too soon but it happened 13 years ago shit is played out

Now when i tell them that it’s barbie bitch I really do mean it’s barbie bitch ask Matel they auction my barbie bitch raggedy Ann could never be barbie bitch… lol wut?