Alt Pop Video: Oberhofer – “Away Frm U”

“Away Frm U” is the latest single off Time Capsules II, out now via Glassnote, which is the home of Childish Gambino and Mumford & Sons. These guys put on incredible live shows and some of that is on display here in this colorful, energetic faux-90s music video. Enjoy the video and then read a little bit about the origin of Oberhofer because they’re big time now and you don’t want to sound like a fool when you talk to people about your new favorite band.

When your songs are too big to be contained: form a band. Maybe call it after your family name because you like the way it sounds (shit, if it worked for Bon Jovi then who’s to argue). Record those songs in the basement of your parents house in Tacoma. When that burns down, shake it off and move to New York. Find a new band to play with, start working on a symphony (no really, do it), mix your newfound formal training with the noisy exuberance of youth. Get raucous.