Best Coast Announces EP and Debuts New Track

Best Coast, Fade Away

This week, Best Coast announced the release of their new EP Fade Away and debuted a new single called “I Don’t Know How.”

Bethany’s voice has steadily been improving since her “Boyfriend” days, but the music overall is becoming bland. Last year’s The Only Place was anticlimactic, and “I Don’t Know How” sounds like it could have easily been thrown in at the last minute.

I was hoping the band’s lyrical talent would be more advanced now that they are preparing their third album, but it sounds like Bethany is still stuck in her lovesick teenager phase. “I don’t know why/ The sun’s in the sky/ The rain it falls down/ Down on to the ground” sounds like Bethany quit smoking weed and realized she can only read and write at an eighth-grade level.

Best Coast should have officially released “Fear of My Identity” as a single instead of just a Record Store Day bonus track. Either that, or they should have taken more than just over a year to put together new material. I am hoping their EP won’t be as disappointing as I am expecting it to be.

Fade Away is out October 22.