Stream Best Coast’s New Album “The Only Place”

Bethany Cosentino’s Best Coast second album The Only Place is out May 15th, but you can stream it all at NPR. Be sure to also download her Record Store Day exclusive cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Storms”. Bethany has said in multiple interviews that Fleetwood Mac was a huge inspiration for their sophomore album. Listen and download below the album’s tracklist and also download the title track here.

1. “The Only Place”
2. “Why I Cry”
3. “Last Year”
4. “My Life”
5. “No One Like You”
6. “How They Want Me to Be”
7. “Better Girl”
8. “Do You Love Me Like You Used To”
9. “Dreaming My Life Away”
10. “Let’s Go Home”
11. “Up All Night”