Built to Spill – 10/26/13 at The Beacham, Orlando

Built to Spill

This review comes a few days late for a couple of reasons. The first being the inexcusable fact that my as-of-late very short attention span has been consumed by the World Series. The second reason is that when I get mad about the World Series, I shut off my Internet and cry in my closet.

Built to Spill was that band for me that I somehow always managed to miss playing in my city. The last time they were in Orlando, I was working a restaurant shift that I couldn’t get out of. The time before that, I had a trip planned out of state, and so on and so on. When the band booked a show that I could actually go to, there was nothing that would stop me.

I arrived during the middle of the first opening band’s set. The Beacham was empty. I think the staff members and band members outnumbered the crowd. I have no idea who the first opening band was. I also have no idea who the second openers were, but I can tell you that they had a lot of technical difficulties and seemed to either forget the lyrics to their songs, or not write any lyrics at all because pretty much all they did was blabber ape noises into the mic.

Once the gibbons were done with their musical mating calls, Built to Spill showed up and so did the rest of crowd. These guys are amazing musicians and have created some of the best indie songs of the last two decades. So why do they look like they hate their lives? This in no way affected their musical performance, but at a somewhat small venue like The Beacham, it’s hard to not notice that the band isn’t having a good time.

The crowd definitely noticed that the band wasn’t happy since a handful of drunks started to yell at the band in between songs. To make matters worse, it was probably close to 40 degrees inside and one of the speakers didn’t seem to be working.

I have been researching Built to Spill’s set lists from other cities and it just seems unfair. They played for close to two hours in some cities and included covers and more songs in the encore. I can only blame this on the venue because The Beacham turns into Save the Last Dance Central at 10pm on Saturdays, so the band had to get out. They were probably unhappy because they were rushed.

My experience finally seeing Built to Spill was not what I had dreamt it to be. The band was great, and despite me passing out from dehydration and the frigid cold (thanks to the two girls who saved my life!) I enjoyed seeing them. I did not enjoy getting frostbite and having to figure out if the band wanted the speakers to be off on purpose.

Built to Spill – 1. The Beacham – 0. Opening Bands – Negative 5.