Rising Talent: Claire – “Games”

claire games

Whenever I find a new artist that I believe everyone should hear I waste no time in trying share them with others. The German band, Claire, is one of the artists and they are definitely worth a listen. The group is comprised of Matthias Hauck, Nepomuk Heller, and Florian Kiermaier, and Josie-Claire Bürkle. Josie-Claire brings the vocals, and the fellas provide production and instruments. Their sound can be described as synth-pop, with noticeable electro influences. Whatever you want to label their sound becomes irrelevant once they are heard. These guys are awesome. Their song “Games” has a great feel and was perfect for the summer, or any season for that matter.

Claire – “Games”

Josie-Claire’s warm, comforting voice mixed with the up-beat production really cheers you up. It would be hard to stay angry after letting this track run. Their album, The Great Escape can be pre-ordered on iTunes now, and will be available for purchase on 9/27. Claire has a lot to offer and hopefully they stick around a while. Check out their websiteSoundcloud  and like their Facebook page for more songs and info.

Claire – “Games” (Talul Remix)