Cults Cults Cults: Interview

One of the bands I’m most looking forward to seeing at Lollapalooza is Cults. They seemingly materialized out of nowhere with some pretty awesome stuff. Last night they interviewed with NPR to discuss their meteoric rise and what they plan for the future. The interview is below, as well as some of my favorite songs. (My favorite being “You Know What I Mean.”)

There’s a transcript of the interview available here.

“We have ambivalent, fascinating feelings with the concept,” he says. “There’s a beauty and romanticism with someone living such a violently different life. Just deciding, ‘Well, I’m going to pack up my bags and go believe in something that nobody else is going to understand.’ If that’s peaceful and progressive, then it’s kind of an amazing concept, but usually it doesn’t end up being those two things. It ends up being just a greater system of control for weak people.”

[audio:|titles=NPR Interview with Cults]
NPR – All Things Considered Interview with Cults

[audio:|titles=You Know What I Mean]
You Know What I Mean

[audio:|titles=Go Outside]
Go Outside
(Go Outside is available for free on Amazon!)


You can buy the album here or here and/or go see them live (they’re on tour this summer and will be doing a ton of festivals, so there’s ample opportunity to see them).