Download: Puro Instinct – TRUEEMERALD Mix

Puro Instinct is a critically acclaimed Best Coasty shoegaze pop group by sisters Skylar and Piper, 2 young girls (16 & 23) who dropped out of high school to give us dreamy tunes. Here’s two songs of their new album Headbangers in Ecstasy:

Download: Puro Instinct – Silky Eyes

Download: Puro Instinct – Stilyagi

The other day they showed off their great, expansive taste in obscure music via Japanese site oki-ni:

Their contribution to our MIX SERIES, TRUEEMERALD, is exactly what you’d expect from the girls: a mix of obscure 80s electronica and lush pop music. You probably won’t have heard of many of the tracks or artists, but each one has a warm and familiar quality that mirrors the duo’s work. The highlight of the mix has to be Yukihiro Takahashi’s Disposable Love, where the former Yellow Magic Orchestra singer creates an immaculate pop song that sets the tone for the rest of the mix.