Hear 2 Songs Off Upcoming Freelance Whales Album “Diluvia”

Freelance Whales are prepping their always difficult second album entitled Diluvia, which of course means a deposit of superficial loam caused by former action of flowing waters, or the melting of glacial ice. Don’t say you didn’t learn anything new today. “Locked Out” is the first single and can be had for your email address or just wait for our Best of July playlist arriving soon. Yup spoiler alert, this will be among the best.

The Queens band is picking up right where they left off from Weathervanes two years ago. They sound like they are having a WHALE of a time (har har har). “Locked Up” is electronica, indie rock, and pop all rolled into one, so what’s not to like?

UPDATE: Here’s another “groovy brah!” leak entitled “Spitting Image” off the album due out October 9th: