Album Stream: Howls – “Howls”

Howls Cover Art

I’ve been searching high and low for new rock acts that I like, and thankfully (with a little help) Howls popped up on my radar. Comprised of Christian Stone and Annalee Ferry, Howls is a LA-based duo that have known each other for at least a decade, and it definitely shows. The chemistry that the two have is so palpable, it spawned their self-titled album Howls. This album can fall under the banner of rock, but it borrows great aspects of other genres to make 10 different experiences that are just as memorable as the previous. Some songs have a touch of synth, one might have a funky bass line, and another might be minimalistic. This may seem haphazard, but the different elements flow well, and it makes the album a great experience.

Preview the album via their Soundcloud and get a taste of the variety of which I speak. “Fool” sounds sexy with its twinkling synths, strong bassline, and mesmorizing vocals akin to a siren (without the ship sinking). Then you have “Sixteen”, an emotional work that may drain your tear ducts. Finally, there is “Flutter”, which ramps up the tempo with drums galore. This is the variety that I love about the album and this is only 3 of the 10 great tracks!

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