MP3: Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Club Clique ‘Nothing Is Real’ Remix)

Another incredible Club Clique remix, their second Lana Del Rey remix. I’ll hand it over to them, where they discuss the raging internet debate about Lana’s legitimacy:

We’re the only remix crew in the world to have been officially asked to remix both sides of Lana’s top 10 debut single. We are releasing it today to celebrate her playing the first date of her debut world tour, in our home city of Manchester on Friday 4th November.

As a reaction to all the online criticism of Lana for not being ‘authentic’, every sound on this remix apart from Lana’s voice is completely synthetic. Great pop music isn’t about being ‘real’, the best acts reach for something bigger, better and more glamorous than the everyday. This po-faced stance betrays a lack of imagination and a loathing of creativity. David Bowie wasn’t actually from Mars, but it doesn’t make his music any less awesome.

Download: Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Club Clique ‘Nothing Is Real’ Remix)