Introducing: Naomi Night & Her Alt Rock EP “Coyote Love”

naomi night

Today I want to share some fresh new talent: I bring to you Naomi Night. The first thing that grabbed me while I quickly previewed all of the songs was the sound of the chords. They were intoxicating, and without me knowing, they were luring me into a place packed to capacity with emotion, power, and soul.

This place, to which I am so fondly referring, is the den of the songstress, Naomi. The first 40 seconds of “Howl” assured me that I was in for a great experience, and I was not disappointed. The notes I heard in this song could be felt running through my body and as the notes surrounded me, indulging in their delightful dance through my ears, it was clear that I was hooked.

Her voice has a certain something that is difficult to describe, so I encourage experiencing it for yourself. I am glad this project came my way. Check out the tracks, listen, share and enjoy. If you are really into it, you can purchase your favorite song for $1 or the whole Coyote Love EP for $4.