Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Album is the Perfect Excuse to Drink (And Drink, And Drink)

ali spangola power hour drinking game download

The most powerful hour is one where you drink a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. Pop rock musician Ali Spagnola has perfected the power hour with 60 one-minute party songs for you and your friends to dance and drink to. Go thank her for saving the world from boring sobriety.

After a long trademark battle over the phrase “Power Hour”, Ali came out as victor proclaiming that you can’t have trademark rights over a generic description. She fought the law.. and she won! Just for that she’s my hero.

Now Ali is self-releasing her 60 songs in 60 minute album on a USB drive kept inside a shot glass. It comes with a removable necklace to wear for hands free partying! Come see her wild show live when it comes to your town.

Here’s how you play the simple, yet INTENSE drinking game: Start the video playlist and take a shot of beer when the song changes. Odds are you will enjoy each song more than the last. If you would like to download the power hour, give Ali a dollar for the digital download.

Play Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game