MP3: Junip – “Your Life, Your Call”


I always thought Jose Gonzalez was just another indie folk singer. Little did I know that along with Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn he is 1/3 of the Moog infused rock band, Junip. In their latest track, “Your Life Your Call” from the self-titled sophomore album the band encourages listeners to “Pull yourself together” and enjoy your fall. The soul lifting lyrics can create the perfect vibe for your Thursday playlist. There is nothing like a killer song to play on repeat while you battle the post lunch countdown. Junip will release their new album in April. It is my personal belief that any artist that leaves their album nameless sends the message that their record will speak for itself. Only time will tell. Will it be a sophomore slump for the trio or a triumph? So far they are off to a good start. Keep it coming!

Stream & Download: Junip – “Your Life, Your Call”

Download: Junip – “Your Life, Your Call”