Stream: Wolf Alice – “White Leather” & “Fluffy”

wolf alice white leather

Surfed into this four-man band by the name of Wolf Alice, rocketing out of the United Kingdom delivering a genre they grew up on. “White Leather” is a soft song approaching you slowly with a familiar sound, and a simple alternative riff gliding you into 90’s post-rock. Then the delicate voice of a lady takes you even further back into an era of The Sundays, and the Pale Saints, who were both a little ahead of their time.

Stream: Wolf Alice – “White Leather”

“Fluffy” is another song they’ve released for us, and the energy is a bit different, but the feel of the time period reads the same. I have a feeling they’ve barely tapped into a treasure trove of talent being an amazing depiction of the UK music scene in the early 90s.

Stream: Wolf Alice – “Fluffy”