SNL Videos: Kristen Wiig Impersonates Lana Del Rey + Bon Iver Performs “Holocene” & “Beth/Rest”

“Judging by the public’s reaction, I must have been clubbing a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem.”

Wonderful. Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress as Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live two weeks ago, impersonated the singer that’s “stiff, distant, and weird.”

“If you think someone is weird, you should criticize them as much as possible.”

It’s interesting how SNL broke down the fourth wall with their reaction to the internet’s backlash over LDR’s divisive performance. My prediction is the writers will hop on the sure-to-be popularity of this impression and eventually we’ll get a weekly “Lana Del Rey Show” skit.

Oh and here’s some actual news. Bon Iver perform “Holocene” and “Beth/Rest” on the show, one day after telling the Grammys to fuck off when they requested they perform a collabo on the show.