Sung For Streetlights – “St. Mark’s Street”

sung for streetlights

Sung For Streetlights is a fun discovery I made while scouring the internet. Kickstarter, oddly enough, is one of the places I go to find cool inventions, gadgets, and games. Since music was never a big reason I went on Kickstarter, Sung For Streetlights’s “St. Mark’s Street” caught me by surprise. Subsequently, falling victim to the common cold, I realized the song had hit me at just the right time. It was soothing and pleasant, the perfect companion for some tea laced with cough drops. The song transported me to a warm place, and I can revisit the same sensation every time I play it.  It has been helping me survive this annoyance of a cold, so I thought I’d share it. I encourage everyone to give it a listen!

If you like this, you should check out their 8 track self titled album Sung For Streetlights on iTunes