MP3: The Whistles and the Bells – “Mercy Please”

the whistles and the bells

One of the perks of being a 2G4R writer is that I get to listen to awesome music. This music varies greatly, and it has taught me to keep an open mind when checking out new stuff. I say this because, “Mercy Please” by Bryan Simpson is not something to which I would normally gravitate. Thankfully, many people who support this site email new music frequently, so I only think it is fair that I listen to it all. Bryan Simpson’s “Mercy Please” is a song I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to approach.

For those who are unaware, Bryan Simpson was once the lead singer of Cadillac Sky. They were fairly well known and they were even opening up for Mumford and Sons on tour when Simpson departed in 2010. After a hiatus, Simpson is back with new material and a new name, The Whistles and the Bells. I have to say, I am liking what I have heard so far. The song, “Mercy Please”, has so much flavor, soul and passion. See for yourself.

I think what I like most are the vocals. When he asks for mercy, I  believe him, and it makes the song so much better, so much stronger.  I keep listening to it over and over, simply because I cannot believe I like it so much. It is simply gripping. Simpson really delivers and I think this song will please the fans that were craving to hear from him again.

This track is the first single from the self titled album, The Whistles and the Bells, which will be available March 4, 2014. If you head to Rolling  you can get a free download! For more info, visit his Facebook and or the official The Whistles and the Bells site.