Videos: Radiohead Performs 6 Songs & 2 Interviews on The Colbert Report

Radiohead – Creep (Conan O’Brien 1993) from Guillermo Delicia on Vimeo.

That grainy, hypnotic video was shot 18 years ago when Radiohead performed “Creep” as Conan O’Brien’s very first musical guest in 1993. They’ve come a long way since then, and last night they spent a full hour on The Colbert Report, performing “The Daily Mail”, “Bloom”, “The National Anthem”, “Codex”, “Little by Little”, and “Morning Mr Magpie”. Here’s their hilarious interview with Stephen Colbert where they discuss their hate for corporations (and Dr Pepper), their indieness, and how they got started rocking in England:

Watch all 6 Radiohead performances from last night on Stephen Colbert and another interview after the jump:

Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien Interview:



Morning Mr. Magpie:

Little by Little:

The National Anthem:

The Daily Mail: