DOSVEC Remixes – Kreayshawn vs Flux Pavilion, Wu Tang vs Hall & Oates, Kid Cudi vs Tupac

I’ll let DOSVEC introduce himself:

Born blah blah blah ate some food blah blah blah found music blah blah blah enjoyed music blah blah blah started djing blah blah blah then started 2 work on music blah blah blah come to the present with yes you guessed it more blah blah blah blah blah blah

There you have it. The man can mash with the best of them, and today he leaked a taste of his new dubstep mix album with a combo of Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn and Flux Pavilion‘s “I Can’t Stop”. You have to know it’s good if I’m putting a Kreayshawn post up. Download that and my other DOSVEC favorites: Wu Tang vs Hall & Oates in the hilariously titled “Maneater Cream”, and Kid Cudi vs Tupac in “Pursuit of Changes” on the other side. DOSVEC’s full length dubstep mix Album DIFF drops August 23rd.

[audio:|titles=Gucci Can’t Stop (Kreayshawn vs Flux Pavilion)]

Download: DJ Whatt – Gucci Can’t Stop (Kreayshawn vs Flux Pavilion)

[audio:|titles=Maneater Cream (Wu Tang vs Hall and Oates)]

Download: DJ Whatt – Maneater Cream (Wu Tang vs Hall & Oates)

[audio:|titles=Pursuit of Changes (Kid Cudi vs Tupac)]

Download: DJ Whatt – Pursuit of Changes (Kid Cudi vs Tupac)