Download The Hood Internet EP: Sims x WIN WIN: Part Time Zoo

Nothing gets me more excited in the free music world than hearing a new The Hood Internet mashup EP. Here’s their last one from a few months ago, pitting Waka Flaka Flame against indie superstars Sleigh Bells, Holy Fuck, Crystal Castles, and more.

Waka Flocka Flame x The Hood Internet by hoodinternet

Now here’s their latest project hot off the presses, a 5-song EP of Sims’ Bad Time Zoo versus WIN WIN’s self-titled debut album. WIN WIN is a supergroup made up of producer/remixer XXXChange, DJ Chris Devlin and visual artist Ghostdad. Sims is a rapper from the 7 member hip hop collective Doomtree. This is my first time spent with Sims and I really dig what I’m hearing. Listen and download:

Sims x Win Win: Part Time Zoo by hoodinternet