Mashup Album: SBTRKT x Iggy Azalea – “SBTRIGGY”

NYC DJ Terry Urban last graced us with his genius by mashing Notorious B.I.G. with Lana Del Rey for 16 soulful and gritty songs. Today Mr. Urban is back with an even more inventive remix album by mashing up electronic beat gods SBTRKT with Australian hip hop chick Iggy Azalea (uhh.. wow). Terry explains his process..

“Iggy posted her acapellas from the Ignorant Art album and I really hadn’t seen anyone remix it or make anything from it, so I decided to. I was really impressed with how well Iggy flowed over SBTRKT beats.”

Stream and download the album now, and be sure to check out SBTRKT’s brand new electro joint “Gamelena” below.

Download: SBTRKT x Iggy Azalea – SBTRIGGY