Steely Chan: Rawkus Lee [Mixtape]

Steely Chan: Rawkus Lee

Here’s a little surprise that showed-up in our inbox today. Rawkus Lee: A Tribute to Rawkus Records and Shawn Lee is the fifth mixtape release from Toronto-based remix/mashup duo Steely Chan. The mixtape is a tribute to both the independent hip-hop label Rawkus Records and musician Shawn Lee. It combines the gifted lyricism of the emcees on Rawkus Records with the gritty, instrumental psychedelia of Shawn Lee. In the words of Steely Chan,

It’s a marriage of late 90s East Coast indie hip hop with a modern interpretation of groove-heavy soundtrack music from the 60s and 70s.

It’s a change from the normal Top-40 mashups that we hear so often and the sound is so foreign that on first listen you forget the tracks are mashups entirely. We dig it and hope you do too. Check out Steely Chan’s other mixes and tracks over at their SoundCloud page.