MP3s: Graycat Retires On Top With Super Mario Mashup


One of our favorite up-and-coming mashup artists is no longer up-and-coming. Chi-Town artist Graycat, who recently created the delightful Pretty Lights vs Jay Z mashup album, retired from the mashup scene today. Hopefully like Jay Z, his retirement will be short lived.

Here’s Graycat’s final creation, “Save the World, Mario”, that will have you smiling from beginning to end.

Stream and Download: Graycat’s “Save The World, Mario”

Graycat’s Retirement

Someone convinced me to keep this page up, even though I am now done making mashups. Instead of writing a long winded diatribe against the mashup scene, I will simply say that I no longer have much interest in mashups, and my heart isn’t in it. To the handful of people who listened and enjoyed my music, thanks…

Thanks for the ride guys…especially, Bahler, Ricky, and Bruneaux. You guys are simply the best mashers on the planet.

“Save the World, Mario” is off the better-than-it-should-be “Super Mario 64 Mashup Mixtape” featuring the aforementioned DJ Bahler, Ricky Cervantes, as well as Sweekuh, PennWallace, and more talented mashers.

Stream and Download: Super Mario 64 Mixtape