The 5 Best Childish Gambino Remixes I Heard Today

Soundcloud is a audio distribution platform that allows musicians to promote and distribute their music to the masses and there’s literally new songs added every second. Therefore, you can perform advanced searches for artist/song/genre and get plenty of results. Today I did a search for Childish Gambino remixes after I was unimpressed with the Gambino remixes the major rap sites were posting. I got over 500 results back, and plenty of musical gold. We’ve posted Gambino remixes a couple times before but here’s five of my favorites that I heard today from some very talented DJs:

Chill.Enjoy.Burn.Destroy is 19 year old Fuad Hasanovic and he creates beauty with this song. I guess you could call it dubstep, he did, but its more of a chill piano backed beat with slowed down Gambino vocals. Let Me Dope You is one of the most remixed songs in Glover’s collection and this has to be one of my favorites. Follow him on twitter here, and grab the download below:

Download: Chill.Enjoy.Burn.Destroy. – Let Me Dope You Remix

[audio:|titles=Chill.Enjoy.Burn.Destroy. – Let Me Dope You (Childish Gambino Dubstep Remix)]

DJ Leftover combines the vocals of Lights Turned On by Childish Gambino and the back beat of Balloons by Them Jeans remixed by Bird Patterson. He creates a definite club jam and it looks to be the only Lights Turned On remix on the interwebs right now. He seems to be an upcoming college DJ going to UCF so I might have to seek him out around Orlando and see how good his live stuff is.

Download: DJ Leftover – Lights Turned On Remix

[audio:|titles=lights turned on remix]

Another song from Culdesac gets remixed, this time it’s “Put It In My Video” by Teo, New York producer/DJ Teo Acosta, and he super slows down Gambino over sick pounding beats and even sicker tempo shifts.

Download: Teo – Put It In My Video Remix

[audio:|titles=Childish Gambino – Put It In My Video (Teo Remix)]

Here’s yet another Let Me Dope You remix, but it’s definitely worth sharing. Mitch-Mash combines “Let Me Dope You” with Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and Mike Jones’ “I Need a Dime” and does it very smoothly with synced up beats.

Download: Mitch-Mash – A Dope Flextraterrestrial:

[audio:|titles=A Dope Flextraterrestrial]

Dora B Okuyan (D.B.O.) takes just the chorus of Be Alone and creates a grimy dubstep head-banger. I didn’t think that could be done to Be Alone. DBO seems new to soundcloud, and he only has three followers (I’m one) but his songs show how talented he is.

[audio:|titles=Be Alone (D.B.O. Dubstep Remix)]

Download: Childish Gambino – Be Alone (D.B.O. Remix)