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The Lonely Island became famous 6 years ago with Lazy Sunday, their anthem about two stoned bros catching a matinee of The Chronicles of Narnia. Since then they have had a remarkable 550 million views on Youtube, making them the 20th most subscribed channel. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone have created two albums, 2009’s Incredibad and last month’s Turtleneck and Chain. These albums, with their club ready beats and polished sound, are ripe for talented DJs and mixers to create their own art.

Much like our Ellie Goulding, Odd Future, and The Beatles ReMixtapes, Too Good For Radio gives you 11 great remixes of The Lonely Island, 6 from Incredibad, 4 from Turtleneck and Chain, and a bonus remix with Will Ferrell from the 2009 MTV Video Awards. Some are mashups, a few are synth-driven remixes, and the rest are dubstep club bangers.

Download The Lonely Island ReMixtape


1. I’m On A Boat ft T-Pain (EviL_L Dubstep Bootleg) – digital short
2. Jizz In My Pants (DJ Kue RemixDan Veytia ReFix) – digital short
3. Natalie Portman Rap ft Band of Horses (Butch Clancy DubstepYeah, Nah Remix) – digital short
4. Ras Trent (RSK REMIX) – digital short
5. Boombox ft Julian Casablancas of The Strokes (Kaerus Pendulum Mash) – digital short
6. Make Love to a Dick in a Box ft Justin Timberlake (Vagrant Artisan Daft Punk Mash) – digital short
7. MotherLover ft Justin Timberlake (LiqourSound Remix)- digital short
8. I Just Had Sex ft Akon (CNBeats Remix) – digital short
9. The Creep ft Nicki Minaj (SubPirate MonsterBass Remix) – digital short
10. Jack Sparrow ft Michael Bolton (Ness Dubstep Remix) – digital short
11. Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions ft Will Ferrell (Arcade Velocity Remix)- digital short

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